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Celebrating creation and creativity in Beaverton, Ontario, Canada, world-renowned, local artist Ron Baird is donating his artistic design and work to create an iconic public sculpture for Beaverton’s harbour. This distinctive and evocative work of art will be a legacy for generations to come.  The beautiful stainless steel  sculpture will be nearly 4 stories high and is designed to move in the wind and reflect sunlight.  This piece will help draw attention to the Beaverton harbour and to Lake Simcoe with the hope that everyone who views it will build their personal awareness and support for the many endeavours that protect this water source. 

The SKYWoman Initiative

The SKYWoman Story

The First Nations' stories tells of the woman who fell from the sky and was rescued by birds who carried her gently down. 

The Artist Ron Baird

Ron Baird, resident of Beaverton and internationally renowned sculptor, is gifting the creation and design for a unique sculpture to enhance the Beaverton harbour.


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